32CFR -117 NISPOM Rule compliant training

All online training is compliant with government initial and annual refresher training requirements for cleared facilities. Our DISS management of your account helps you to have two account managers to meet DCSA requirements.


Our training meets the 32CFR -117 NISPOM Rule requirements for Annual Refresher Security Training and Insider Threat Training

FSO Management

FSO's can purchase additional training seats, manage certifications and progress of employees


Reports for DCSA Security Reviews and printable certificates of completion are available.

Access Anytime

Your employees can access training and certificates anytime after enrolled

What’s in our complete interactive training program?

  • Required Insider Threat Training (32CFR -117.12(g))
  • Required Annual Refresher Security Training (32CFR -117.12(k);
  • Required Initial Security briefing for new clearance holders
    (32CFR -117.12(e); 
  • Quizzes taken during the training
  • Printable Certificate of Completion
  • Report for DCSA Security Reviews

No more last minute rush to take the training, bugging employees or holding multiple meetings to cover the training.

Industrial Security Training simply tracks your employees progress with full access to certificates and employee list.

Needing more support?

We also offer full service JPAS / DISS / NISS support.  The support allows us to manage and support the FSO as he/she supports your business while working with the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA) requirements (NISPOM).

Consulting and Account Management Support of DISS / NISS

We support your FSO in maintaining JPAS / DISS / NISS databases and security clearances.

Providing Interactive Training and Printable Certificates

ITS training removes the administrative burden and concern by FSOs- Your company POC or FSO (or both) can monitor training, student status, and print out completion reports anytime online.

Personnel Security Clearance Support

Taking the burden off the FSO.  Start process, and complete SF89 (eQIP) processing and fingerprints when required.

Handling Visit Authorizing Requests (VARs)


Add, update, and maintain Visit Authorizing Requests (VAR)s as your people travel to other locations to work on classified.