Self Reporting In Industry


As a cleared employees, we have a lot of responsibilities:

  • Making sure classified information doesn’t get lost or spilled,
  • Not disclosiing classified information,
  • Reporting suspicious contacts,
  • Making sure our national security isn’t compromised,

It’s a lot of pressure!  However, even if we are doing a good job on this portion, are we self reporting changes in our own life?  Every year we take an annual refresher training to remind us of this but are we really paying attention.  Major life changes or simple things like name changes need to be reported through the proper channels. Failure to do so can have direct impact on our clearances and also on the facility clearances of our companies.  These changes will be disclosed and or discovered in our next periodic re-investigation anyways.  How this affects us directly coincides with our responsibility to report these items when they occur.  If we don’t, the outcome of our next investigations could be negative, and we do not want that!

Some examples are:


  •  Change of name
  •  Change in marital status (including legal separation)
  •  Change in cohabitation (involving a non-US citizen)




Let’s make sure that we are responsible for ourselves and report the appropriate things to our FSO’s so as to not put our clearances and work in jeopardy! Honesty is the best policy.

Self Reporting List