Industrial Security & Insider Threat Training

Compliant Training with the 32 CFR § 117- NISPOM Rule for the required initial and the annual refresher training for cleared personnel.

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    1/2 hour on-demand video training

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    Full year access

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    5 Sections

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    Access from laptop or desktop

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    Download certificate upon completion

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    FSO management of employee groups

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Why Choose Online Security Training

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Take it anytime, add employees as needed

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Keeping you up to date on your employees training

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Annual Security and Insider Threat Training that Includes CUI

Our Industrial Security Training allows the FSO to know exactly what training has been done and by which employee. You keep up with the yearly training,  you have certification of the completed training and you add employees when you need.

Take it anytime, and add employees as needed.

Our Industrial Security Training online takes care of your government-required annual training needs (see 32CFR §117 NISPOM Rule requirements)

Unlike in-person training, our Industrial Security Training eliminates the need for special meetings, experiencing schedule conflicts, and frustrating reschedules. Online means the employee will be able to take the training whenever and wherever convenient for them.

What’s in our complete interactive training program?


Required Insider Threat Training

(meets 32 CFR - 117.12(g) requirements)


Required Annual Refresher Security Training

(meets 32 CFR - 117.12(k) requirements)


Required Initial Security

(meets 32 CFR - 117.12(e) requirements)

briefing for new clearance holders


Required CUI Training

(meets 32 CFR - 117.12(f) requirements)


Quizzes are taken during the training


Printable Certificate of completion for the employee and/or FSO


Printed reports for DCSA Security Reviews

There are three types of 32CFR – 117 NISPOM Rule required training that are covered in the online training

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Annual Refresher Training 332CFR - 117.12(k)

Required annually for every person who holds a Department of Defense (DOD) security clearance

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Initial Security Briefing 32CFR - 117.12(e)

Vetting of personnel who are newly awarded access to classified information

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Insider Threat Training 32CFR - 117.12(g)

Training includes information on situation awareness signs of insider threats, foreign contacts, and methods of operation

A Program to keep you Complaint with IST Annual Security and Insider Threat Training

Our Industrial Security Training allows the FSO to know exactly what training has been done and by which employee


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    No previous training or experience is necessary to take this course.

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    Any computer and OS will work — we suggest using Chrome or Edge for best results.

Who is this for?

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    If you are required to have the annual refresher certification.

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    If you want to decide when and where you get your training.

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    If you are an FSO and manage the employees certification.

Our Testimonials

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Thank you again, I am looking forward to using this next year for refresher training! It is one less thing for me to do and I love the interactive module and testing because it forces them to pay attention.

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Thanks for your help with all things security related. It’s been painless working with you and when it comes to security that’s about as good as it gets.

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Our university has been using EBIZ LLC to provide its annual on-line security training for several years now, and it has been an absolute game-changer to getting 100% participation in a period of less than a month. The training includes the mandatory security refresher as well as Insider Training. The course also provides a quiz to be certain the cleared employee has taken the course properly. I know most universities have a very difficult time scheduling time for training in a conference set up and I as FSO have had to run the training at least up to 10 times to capture everyone. But with EBIZ, the senior staff, professor, staff and students merely go on line to conduct the training at their convenience. I get notification of the successful completion.

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These training quizzes and exam were much better than a security support company I (former President/FSO/ITPSO with a small company) am familiar with. This training module effectively ensure the student paid attention to the information presented and was able to demonstrate implementing proper actions when faced with realistic scenarios.

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Frequently Ask Question and Answers



    Frequently Ask Question and Answers

    Does the training meet the U.S. government requirements for security training for cleared personnel?

    The training meets two of the types of training the U.S. government requires of that personnel who will access classified information. The two types are 1) initial indoctrination for those who have never held a security clearance and 2) annual training for those who have completed the initial training and continue with access to classified information.

    I have multiple people who I want to have trained. What is the easiest way for me to do that?

    We assist in that process. Just send us a spreadsheet with the person’s first name, last name, and email address. Upon receipt, we will “mass load” your assigned training. ISTPros does not use any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Besides the information identified, we also maintain the date of the training. That is all.

    What if I have someone who was assigned training but does not complete the training by the end of the calendar year, am I still charged?

    Yes. That the training is completed is the responsibility of the FSO or point of contact for the company, not ISTPros.

    Can I add someone later in the year, after we have paid?

    Yes. No problem. You can add ones and twos after the initial training set-up. We will bill you individually for those additions for that year and then they will be included in the number assigned for the following year’s training.

    If a person is trained in May of a given year, is their training not good through May of the following year?

    DCSA runs somewhat on a calendar year. The answer is yes; the person is good through May of the following year for “annual training”, but then in June of that year, they are out of training scope. So, if you want to show a training date for each calendar year on your company report, you will need your people to take the training each calendar year. For example, when we close training on December 31st of, say, 2022, a date showing completed training in 2022 is no longer available.

    What criteria is used to create the training?

    ISTPros uses the required training criteria as set forth in 32CFR §117 (NISPOM Rule). The training is refreshed each calendar year to ensure compliance with any changed training requirements or reporting requirements. An example was the addition of foreign travel reporting levied on the industry in August 2022, which was added to our training in 2022 and enhanced in the 2023 training.