IST Annual Security and Insider Threat Training

About Course

Our Industrial Security Training allows the FSO to know exactly what training has been done and by which employee.

You keep up with the yearly training, you have certification of completed training and you add employees when you need.

Take it anytime, add employees as needed.

Our Industrial Security Training online takes care of your government required annual training needs (see 32CFR §117 NISPOM Rule requirements)

Unlike in person training, our Industrial Security Training eliminates the need for special meetings, experiencing schedule conflicts and frustrating reschedules. Online means the employee will be able to take the training whenever and wherever convenient to them.

Material Includes

  • 1/2 hour on-demand video training
  • 5 Sections
  • Download certificate upon completion
  • Full year access
  • Access from laptop or desktop
  • FSO management of employee groups

Simple Registration

  • Choose from Individual or Group
  • For Groups, enter in Company Name and the number of employees to be certified
  • Check out with Credit Card or Paypal


  • No previous training or experience is necessary to take this course.
  • Any computer and OS will work — we suggest using Chrome  or Edge for best results
  • The course includes a 5-minute introduction and how to take the training

Who is this for?

What is covered?

Topics covered in IST online training

  • Required by 32CFR -117 NISPOM Rule
    • Insider Threat Training (-117.12(g))
    • Annual Refresher Security Training (-117.12(k))
    • Annual CUI Training (-117.12(f))
    • Initial Security Briefing for new clearance holders (-117.12(e))
  • Additional Topics mentioned
    • Derivative Marking
    • Export control
“Thank you again, I am looking forward to using this next year for refresher training! It is one less thing for me to do and I love the interactive module and testing because it forces them to pay attention.”
“These training quizzes and exam were much better than a security support company I (former President/FSO/ITSPO with a small company) am familiar with. This training module effectively ensured the student paid attention to the information presented and was able to demonstrate implementing proper actions when faced with realistic scenarios.”
“Thanks for your help with all things security related. It’s been painless working with you and when it comes to security that’s about as good as it gets.”